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Public File Liaison: Tim Walker tim. Home National Article. Passed-out dad found drunk in school parking lot, 4-year-old roaming area alone, police say.

Drunk restaurant patrons beat down by waiters in parking lot [video]

Updated: Tue PM, Oct 08, Officials: Multistate hepatitis A cases traced to berries. Purdue Basketball's Matt Haarms works to find shelter dogs a new home.

Two more businesses announce they are leaving Chauncey Hill Mall. Tippecanoe County children get forever homes during National Adoption Month.

Three years after intentionally set fire kills four sisters, investigators stay tight-lipped. Man sentenced to 25 years for his role in Lafayette kidnapping and rape case. Lafayette man involved in stabbing sentenced to prison.

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Then you opted to have the rover take John to that last known address, which happened to be three years old, from the time it was last updated. Realize that while you think you did the right things, maybe that wasn't necessarily the right thing. Let's talk about what could have happened.

Remember, John said, "He was going through a messy divorce. Now let's assume that John goes, and he just opens the front door, maybe the locks have been changed and he beats down the door, and basically goes in or something, or breaks a window, and his wife shoots him. Well, let's use another scenario.

Suspected Drunk Driver in Parking Lot of Derf's Café

What happens if the rover drops off, and of course the rover doesn't wait for him to get inside, and leaves, and John passes out on the lawn again, and he's still in a drunken stupor and he goes out into the road, and he lays down in the middle of the road, and a car runs over him? At this point, it's too late.

The challenge for you is this, at the end of the day, while it may not necessarily be what you feel is the right answer, from a legal standpoint, the only thing you pretty much can do, and again this varies by country and by company, but reality is probably all you can do is call the police and let them have him. That may seem hard and cruel but in the end what would happen if something happened to John. You could bet that the wife would come back to the plant, and there'd only be one story to tell, and it would probably be something along these lines after she consulted her attorney.

We had reconciled all this stuff, and you guys were negligent in the way you approached it.

Drunk in the parking lot