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In the case of psoriasis, this inflammation happens on the skin, with red, itchy and scaly patches known as plaques appearing most commonly on the elbows, knees, scalp, chest and lower back. In psoriatic arthritis, however, this inflammation is not as obvious to the eye; it results in swollen and painful joints and tendons, and can occur in any area of the body.

People may also be at increased risk for developing psoriatic arthritis if their psoriasis symptoms involve scalp lesions; misshapen, damaged or infected nails; or inflammation of the skin in the buttock area.

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Something to keep in mind is that there is no clear link between the severity of your psoriasis and the severity of the symptoms you might have if you develop psoriatic arthritis. In this video, dermatologists weigh in on a surprising statistic about how few people associate their skin with their joints. Key findings Consent: There have been repeated allegations in Ukraine that human tissue was removed from the dead without proper consent. Some of that tissue may have reached other countries, via Germany, and may now be implanted in hospital patients.

Safety: Surgeons are not always required to tell patients they are receiving products made of human tissue, making it less likely a patient would associate subsequent infection with that product. Tracking: The U.

Read More. ICIJ encourages whistleblowers to securely submit content that might be of public concern. More articles. Skin and Bone Methodology: Behind the Numbers.

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Skin and Bone Video: Skin and Bone. Stay informed. Icij on twitter. There are thoughtful explorations on the right way to treat the dead, when they have often been treated so wrongly.

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One shameful episode was the accidental digging up of human remains in Iowa in by construction workers: While 26 European settlers who were unearthed were sensitively sent for reburial, the bones of a Native American mother and child were handed over to the state archaeologist. I sit here now crossing my extraordinary kneecaps and thinking of my dissolving bones.

I wish my favorite fact about bone had not been missing — that the marrow inside these things, judged inert and ignored, makes blood, the most vivid biological substance — but there is plenty to compensate. Log In.