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How to Hire Employees for Cultural Fit. This is the very critical stage of getting new hires adjusted to the performance aspects of their new job within your company quickly and smoothly.

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It is the process through which new hires learn the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to function effectively within an organisation. Here are four great methods to ensure that a new hire on boarding goes smoothly for all concerned. I prefer a one single page approach, where we list the most important duties, as well as experience and skills.

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In the first few days, it is vital that you sit down with the new employee, and take them through your company values and vision and what they all mean. Ask your recruit what the values mean to them, and if they have any questions. Although your role description will carry some of the detail, it is important to lead each employee through the expectations you for them, along with why they are important to the company success.

Schedule a face to face with the new employee after a few weeks, and find out what is going on with them, what challenges they have found integrating with your team, etc. Developing an induction program: First impressions really do count Smart Company.

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By consistently encouraging professional development amongst your team, you are helping skill your team members up, and help provide them with a future career path. This could take the form of sending them at the company cost, or indeed offer all employees a budget for their own initiated event attendance. You should encourage and support every employee to develop a professional development action plan, that will help them develop their abilities, and increase chances of career advancement.

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Offer to help them do this together, or provide a template for all of your team to complete their own simple plan. Many people are regularly doing informal development outside of normal work hours. When you hear of someone with your team doing this, make a point to find out more about this, and sincerely thank them for their efforts.


A little positive praise can go a long way to motivating people. Managers should set an example, be a role model, provide leadership and inspiration and ensure their people:. Great Ideas for Cheap! Professional Development the muse.

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This is where you focus your energies on keeping your top employees, and ensure that they are both happy and challenged in their role within the team. Editors' note: This article originally was. A celebrated British historian once said there was only. The collection sheds light on the. The continent of Africa has a long,.

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