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Moth is a young girl whose best friend is her mother. They own a second-hand shop in a small New England town. Moth recently lost her only other friend, old Mr. Laszlo, who used to own the shop.

Moth is an awkward girl who is either ignored or bullied in school. Despite this, she is a generally happy kid. The Okay Witch opens on Halloween, when Moth dresses as a witch and bumps into a new boy at school. He is as awkward as she is and they bond immediately. Although Moth is used to being bullied by the other kids, on this day, she successfully defends herself in a very odd way, which freaks her out.

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Coming home, she finds a talking cat inhabited by the spirit of her old friend, Mr. She wants to learn everything about magic…and her family. Unfortunately, her mother remains as closed about the family as she always was, and forbids Moth to practice magic again, warning her that it will never come to anything good. Moth is highly disappointed and, with the encouragement of Mr. What follows is a new take on the Salem witch trials and the persecution of witches throughout history.

Of course, in The Okay Witch , witches are actually practicing magic, but in helpful ways that are sadly mistrusted. Will she ever control her powers without help? Will she continue to keep secrets from her mom and new best friend? The characters in The Okay Witch are well rounded and even the side characters have distinct personalities. Relative movement patterns of a tephritid fly and its parasitoid wasps. West, S.

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