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Then after you end your prayer, then follow what you believe God is speaking to your heart, and you will be led by the Holy Spirit. I want to be led by your Holy Spirit. What do you want me to do? And God's peace, which is far beyond human understanding, will keep your hearts and minds safe in union with Christ Jesus.

As believers, we have a God who will keep and preserve us. Jonah was swallowed by a whale, but God kept him and preserved him.

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For three days he was in the belly of that whale, but on that last day; God delivered him!! Time to get excited!!! God will preserve you while you are waiting for something important! God will preserve you when you're waiting for surgery, waiting for medical test results, waiting for a call after your job interview.

September God hears the prayers of those who have faith in Him. The Bible assures us that God is with you, always. When your sad God is with you. When you're discouraged God is with you. When you don't have much faith God is with you. When you think life stinks God is with you. When you want to give up God is with you. When you're happy and smiling God is with you. When you're broke, busted, and disgusted, God is with you.

When you have nothing left to give, God is with you. You always have the approval of God. The only thing God doesn't like is when we break his Commandments and fail to love God and fail to love neighbor. But even then, God is with you. There's nothing that you can do to make God love you any less and there's nothing that you can do to make God leave you. So go into your Labor Day weekend knowing that you have the almighty, eternal, infinite, unstoppable, everlasting God on your side! Thank you for being you, the infinite, Everlasting, all loving, almighty God from whom all blessings flow, in Jesus' mighty name, amen!

We labor and work in the church and give out food not only to meet needs but also to honor God who is the Savior of all.

Jacobs Prayer: Loss and Resilience at Alkali Lake

When you do even the simplest things in Jesus' name, you honor God and God smiles at you, and one sweet day you will hear the words, "well done, thou good and faithful servant. Go into your Thursday knowing that God is proud of you and for the work you do! The Bible says in Matthew , "And when he had called unto [him] his twelve disciples, he gave them power [against] unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease. In this Scripture we see that Jesus called his first disciples to follow him, and then he gave them POWER to do what he wanted them to do, their mission.

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In the same way, Jesus has called you to do certain things in your life, your purpose, your life mission. He has also given you the POWER to be able to do what he has called you to do, to be a mother, to be a father, to be a wife, to be a husband, to be a grandparent do your grandchildren. God has called you AND he has empowered you! So go out there today with all the confidence of being a child of God, knowing that you have the POWER within you to get your job done!

Above all else, believe in yourself. When you have enough faith in yourself, other people's support is added advantage but NOT the foundation of your self-esteem.

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When the added advantage is there, you prosper. When it's withdrawn, you still prosper.

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Thank you for believing in me. I believe in you and I believe in myself, in Jesus' mighty name, amen! God has a hedge of protection around you and your family. God has the final say. If He allows it, He will get you through it and God can turn it around and use it for your good. God's Spirit speaks to your heart. You hear it. When you feel God's Spirit calling you away to pray, obey that still small voice.

If you ignore that voice, it will slowly fade away. However if you obey that Divine Voice Within and go away to pray, the peace of the Lord will be your birthright. Remember, your expectations shape your experiences.

Your attitude determines your altitude. I choose to expect blessings and have a blessed mentality, knowing that you will lead me into a blessed reality, in Jesus' mighty name, amen! He has saved me from death, my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling. David is speaking to himself here. Sometimes, like David in the Psalms, we have to remind ourselves of the goodness of God.

Today you will hear a lot, from people, from the news, etc. Be sure to remind yourself of the goodness of God as a way of cheering yourself up and bringing you back to your peace. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, Nor shall the flame scorch you. When you walk through doctor's offices, difficult conversations or divorce, you shall not be alone, nor will you be defeated. Your faith is powerful. Unfortunately so is your fear. Strong faith to make you feel bold, confident, ready to tackle the day.

Strong fear to make you anxious, nervous, and triggered. Don't let negative pictures play on the movie screen of your mind.

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  6. You own the remote control. All you have to do is change the channel. In Matthew chapter 9, a paralyzed man was brought before Jesus. There is no dialogue recorded between the paralyzed man paralytic and Jesus. Yet Matthew says that Jesus told him, "Take heart son, your sins are forgiven! So why did Jesus tell him that his sins were forgiven? Well Matthew doesn't say, but the simplest answer is that Jesus knew this man's heart, even without this man saying a word. Jesus knows your heart too. Even without saying anything to Jesus, Jesus knows you better than anybody knows you.

    Jesus knows you better than your spouse knows you. Jesus knows you better than your best friend knows you.

    Jesus does not judge you for your mistakes. Jesus knows that you are good and that you have faith, even despite your moments of doubt and unbelief. So don't be down on yourself when you mess up. He will not reject you. Jesus knows your heart, as he knows everyone's heart. Be encouraged. Your Savior knows you, and will not let you go.