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There is more interaction between countries than ever and mutual understanding and communication have become essential considerations. In such an atmosphere, the Korea Legislation Research Institute has published this book to spread awareness of outstanding Korean law and of its legal system throughout the globe, as the authoritative sources of legal information for other countries.

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This book explains Korean law in nine chapters that focus on its distinguishing aspects. The nine authors who have participated are all prominent scholars who have contributed their expertise to the project. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

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Law International, Foreign and Comparative Law. Free Preview. Concise overview on the Korea law Written by leading experts in their fields Edited by the renowned Korea Legislation Research Institute see more benefits. Buy eBook.

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10. Korean Law Books Index (1945-2008)

Business Contract General Observation You must state precisely the obligations of the vendor and the methods of quality control. A contract is the beginning, rather than the end, to a negotiation. Any change in the contract may cause problems to arise. Koreans may regard a contract as a "gentlemen's agreement" subject to further negotiation if conditions change. Law Applicable to the Contract You must be particularly vigilant about the law applicable to the contract and the methods of conflict resolution.

The Korean legal system is not easy for a foreigner to understand so you are advised to choose international law or a system of settlement by arbitration. International Dispute Resolution Arbitration Recognized under Korean law as a legitimate method for settling disputes; used specifically in the field of international transactions. Party to the Geneva Protocol on Arbitration Clauses.

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Appointment of Arbitrators Free determination of the number minimum 3 and the method of appointment by the parties. Arbitration Procedure After hearing the parties, the arbitrator makes an award. No appeal is allowed against an award except if it has been made on false evidence. In this case, it can be cancelled by the law. Banking Act. Labour Standards Act.

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Customs Act. The Constitutional Court. Decides on the constitutionality of laws, ruling on competence disputes between governmental entities, adjudicating Constitutional Complaints filed by individuals, etc.

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