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Our intention was not, and was never, to digitize the entire collection: many reference libraries consider the digitization of their own collections as part of their mission, Criminocorpus does not have this aim.

ISBN 13: 9782070101740

Our goal was to reproduce the rare items and the iconographic documents. These photos were taken without much equipment, in situ, without any significant manipulations or extra lighting 2. In order to accelerate their availability on the internet, the retouching was kept to a minimum: one example of each photograph was saved, photos were labelled using a code system that followed the lots of the sale, image size was reduced before upload, and — on a case to case basis, retouching, cropping on a black background, and automatic or manual correction of the presentation and coloring were done.

In general, our photographs have a less professional quality than those taken for the virtual exhibits of collection-privee. The latter were taken and treated by a professional studio studio 90, Paris , which also annotated the images. This quality difference is due not only to the abilities of our photographers, but also to our initial shots, which were often taken in poor feeble or partial lighting. Here, it is important to note that the presentation of historical documents on collection-privee.

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The organization of sale lots for the catalogue also principally follows this same thematic logic. Two additional reasons justify the surplus conservation value of this new digital Zoummeroff Collection in the virtual library of Criminocorpus: 1. It allows a type of finer, sieve analysis than that which is allowed by the strictly-thematic image galleries, 2.

And what can they do with it? Not all documents can be accessed directly. Certain photos may shock a sensitive or young public because of violence or nudity. They are indicated with a warning requiring a user confirmation before the images appear. This is also the case for photographs taken to facilitate the creation of an index for source documents notes regarding previous sales, the cover or general view of a work, captions, pages of text, etc.

Researchers using the Zoummeroff Collection are invited to contact the editorial board to see if the lot they study could have complementary information or documents. Many of the documents could be useful in classes or could function as illustration for a lecture or reading.

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Their description can be enriched and complemented with analytical work or the translation of sources, and any and all proposed cooperative projects will be considered. Criminocorpus can provide limited access to a documentary sale lot in order for it to be indexed, described or translated.

Finally, we would like to announce a call for virtual exhibits and thematic articles.

If accepted, they will be published in a specific column of Criminocorpus. Feedback, comments and questions regarding the use of the Zoummeroff Collection are welcome. Devoting years of his life to the acquisition and the reproduction of rare documents, Philippe Zoummeroff never stopped searching for ways to make his collection as accessible as possible, hoping to promote reflection and debate about how to make penal justice more fair and humane.

The Philippe Zoummeroff Collection, managed by Criminocorpus, intends on continuing this legacy. Retouching: Marc Renneville, Delphine Usal. Criminocorpus Revue d'Histoire de la justice, des crimes et des peines.


Les sources de la recherche. Plan From a private library to a public collection: the story of a unique approach.

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  4. Crime et le châtiment, traduit du russe par Victor Derély, Tome 1 | Gallica.
  5. Read more. In this short article, we explain and provide some examples of the most common French verb tenses you'll come across.

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